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Multi Function Calibrators
Manufacturer & Exporter of Multi Function Calibrators & Multi Function Calibrator. Our product range also comprises of Test Work Benches, Temperature Bath Dry Block Calibrators and Pressure Calibrators.
Multi Function Calibrators

Owing to our vast manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer Multi Function Calibrator. The MFT 4010 is a break-through combination calibrator / HART communicator that truly reduces the time spent on field calibrations. Our offered MFT 4010 Series deliver the versatility of a calibrator and the convenience of HART communications in one hand-held unit. Users can view up to four measurements simultaneously on the high resolution LCD or compare HART PV and AO values to corresponding values measured by the NIST traceable MFT. The available modules include differential, gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure as well as temperature and voltage/current. A voltage and current meter is integral to the base unit. All HART field devices can be configured, polled and trimmed using HART communications. Device Specific commands for supported devices are included with the MFT.

MFT 4010 Advantages:

All-in-one tool Takes the place of multiple hand held instruments,simplifies workload and improves productivity
Automation for HART field devices Calibration is automated through auto setup of the calibrator based on the device settings, digital trims automate the device adjustment steps
Calibration types supported Pressure, t/c, RTD, I/P, P/I, switch, loop and mA/V for conventional HART transmitter or local indicators
Document as found and as left calibration results Create calibration procedures on the hand held or download them from compatible device management software. Save results to non-volatile memory
Field updates Uses internet downloads to update and add capability /HART support
Modules Select from a variety of positive-lock measurement modules for excellent versatility
Field recertification Sensor modules and integral V/I can be recalibrated for zero, span and linearity via the MFT
User interface 2.1” x 2.1” display, four soft keys (definitions change with mode requirements) and eight hard keys provide user interface. Display is configurable for 1 to 4 simultaneous measurements.
User convenience Auto shut off, damping, min/max value capture, display hold, sensor zero, direct contrast adjustment
Security lockout Lockout specific MFT settings or all at one time
Diagnostics MFT 4010 self-tests upon power up and upon installation of sensor modules advisories are posted on the display
Dedicated DOF memory Memory for 500 HART device drivers
Measurement units Customary English and metric system units are selectable
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Multi Function Calibrators

Item Code: MC2100

• Measure & Simulate:
• 8 types of T/Cs (J, K, N, E, T, R, S, B)
• Measure & Simulate:
• 6 Types of RTDs (Pt100 IEC, Pt100 JIS, Pt100 SAMA, PT1000 IEC, Cu 10, Ni 120)
• Measure & Simulate:
• Current, Voltage, & Resistance
• Available with external pressure sensors up to 700 Bar (10,500 PSI)
• High Accuracy:
• Up to 0.015% of reading
• Simultaneous Dual-channel Display (Source & Measure)
• Two internal 24V isolated loop supplies
• Easy operation & configuration with self-explanatory menus
• High quality connectors for standard or bare cable connections
• Large backlit graphical display
• Rechargeable batteries with charger included
• Traceable calibration certificate included

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