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Overseas Companies
Meriam Instruments
Meriam – Trusted Leader in Measurement and Calibration Solutions. Since 1911, Meriam has been a proud supplier of measurement and calibration solutions. Founded on the application of emerging technologies to solve measurement problems, Meriam remains committed to apply and develop new and emerging technologies to best meet the needs of todays industry.  
Website http://www.meriam.com/  
Scan-Sense is the first choice designer and manufacturer of Pressure Transducers and Load Cells for the Offshore Industry. Based in Norway, we also offer Pressure and Temperature Calibrators for the Marine market.  
Website http://www.scansense.no/  
Stiko Meetapparatenfabriek BV, the manufacturer of the reputable gas filled Secutherm thermometer, was founded in 1963 and manufactures pressure- and temperature instruments in as well mechanical- as in electronic design.  
Website http://www.stiko.nl/  
Picotest Corp.
Picotest Corp. is an active company that specializes in developing and manufacturing high-tech precision electronic instrument and related equipment. PICOTEST aims to utilize its strong R&D capability and commitment in pursuing the highest quality to provide best products and services to customers worldwide.  
Website http://www.picotest.com.tw//  
Formerly known as Electro-Mechanical System International or simply EMSI we have modified our name to EMSI, Inc. as part of the overall revamping of our corporate image which includes a major focus on the more technical specialty aspects of our line card.  
Website http://www.emsintl.com/  
Microtest Corporation
MICROTEST CORPORATION organizes by a team of talented technical and managerial professionals. Based on the professional techniques, the goal of the company is to promote customers’ production efficiency and to ensure their product quality by providing customers high precision, automatic testing and measuring instruments and equipment in this rapidly growing electronics, information and communication industries.  
Website http://www.microtest.com.tw/  
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